Monday, May 6, 2013

25 years

This weekend my sisters and I threw a 25th anniversary SURPRIZE party.

And they loved it! Here are some pictures I got!

We had a cake made and topped it with their original topper...

.. and pulled out their original napkins.... ha! :)
My mom got my dad to wear a white tux with
 a pink bow tie for their wedding.
Man, he must have loved (loves) her. 

Reminiscing over old pictures. 

I love this picture my sister took of us. 

The instigators.

We held the party at the church where they met & were married 6 months later.
It was really sweet and you know my mom was crying the whole time.
She loved it and so did dad :)

They left for their anniversary trip in Florida the next day.
My parents should be lounging on a beach somewhere right about now. 

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