Monday, May 13, 2013

A 10 Buck Steal

I was out with my sister's-in-law yesterday and we stopped at TJMaxx.
TJMaxx is on the other side of town for me and usually that turns out to be a pretty good thing.
But yesterday I was on the lookout for attractive, cheap storage for our smallish house and scored!

I came across this large weave basket in their clearance section for ten bucks!
It used to be $40!

It had some scuffs and an inlaid ceramic plate with 
the shape of a pear that I wasn't too crazy about.
But I was sure I could overlook the minor scuffs and 
do something about the pear. 
(This is actually the after picture)

Here's that pear...
Not awful, just not my taste

Skip ahead to the final product: I cut out the ceramic pear plate,
 painted it with copper paint, flipped the pear to the inside and reattached it.
Plus along with the trends, I labeled it with a bit of chalk.  
Obviously you can see I'm using it for beach towel storage now.

The towles fit perfectly inside their basket right above the washing machine. 
A nice upgrade for 10 bucks I'd say. 

oh and P.S.:
I just got my grades! 2 A's, a B, and C+? I can deal with that :) Only 3 classes to go!!! We're on the count down. 

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