Monday, June 3, 2013

A Desk to Redo

I've been noodling on a new project lately. 
I inherited this mid-century-ish desk and I love it's shape. 

But it's scuffy, stained, and just needs a bit of a makeover.
..... and I like a good makeover :)

So here are some ideas I've gathered 

  1. a little bit ago I was bit by the emerald bug.... I'm not sure I'm sold on painting a piece this big a hue that bright yet.
  2. going with color, I like this glossy dark blue piece
  3. this piece fits more easily into my comfort space. If you zoom in, the paint is kind of chippy around the edges. Not too much, just enough to make it classy-rustic
  4. That pattern on the drawers is probably my favorite of all. I think I could free hand that.
  5. Gold and black is another trend that's drawing me. This piece is also rustic-classy
  6. This is a unique direction from most of the others I think. It's a little truer to the mid-century feel of my desk. 
  7. and last of all, this close up summarizes 3 and 5 really well: goldish+black and rustic-classy. It makes me want to add drawer pulls when I do the re-do.  

I'll keep you posted on any updates that get done. 
Wish me luck. 

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