Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Desk Re-done

Earlier this week, I posted some ideas I had for redoing a desk of ours. 
I got on it, and it looks better than ever.

First thing first: Prep.
After emptying the drawers, it was cleaned inside and out really well.

Clean, empty, and ready for painting.

While buying paint, I picked up this spray attachment.
Holy cow. 
It makes the process SO much easier! 

Ah! Awesome.
No cramped hands halfway through, continuous pressure, and clean hands. 

I actually painted the thing in the kitchen. 
Obviously I layed down some drop cloths 
beforehand and opened all the windows.
Plus I turned on a couple fans. 
So we were set.

Since they were easier to move, the drawers were painted outside.

I found this picture of leather strap handles online and loved it!
It was very easy to recreate by buying some leather belts at a thrift shop. 

I needed two belts to cover my 4 drawers.
All I had to do was cut them to the right length, 
line them up (I just eyeballed it),
tape them in place and hammer in some nails. 

Here we go: the finished product with all the dressings. 

Though the desk wasn't terrible before, now it stands out against it's new space.

And unless you hadn't noticed, I moved the desk into the kitchen. 
Here's what the whole setup looks like now.
The kitchen is a total work zone.
The table and chairs are now set up in the living 
room, which is now a total chill zone. 

Agh, I want to paint the walls of this house so bad.
Everything is either rental beige (blah) or wood paneling.
I don't think our landlord would mind us painting but Mr. Conner isn't keen on doing anything permanent to this house.
I'm just promising myself that the lack of freedom I have here will make owning our own home down the road that much sweeter.
I'm going to paint the crap out of that house!
Hmmmm, I'm thinking rental beige maybe...... ;)

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