Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Thursday

Adam gets up at 9 am
I stay in bed till 11
Get up, play sims....
..................till 1:30 when the utility workers knock on our door to work on our utilies.
I not fit to be seen.
So I ignore them and act like I'm not there.
"Just because my car is in the driveway doesn't mean I'm here..... my sister could have come and picked me up... or I oculd be in the shower..... or something."
I feel bad about deceiving the utility men.
They do their work outside anyhow.
They knock again..... just in case I've deciding to stop being a weirdo.
They leave.
I decide I need to make my day count for something, so I curl my hair.
Then go to starbucks to do some homework.... because our internet is down :)
I sit at starbucks for 3 hours, Adam meets me for a chat, then I leave for an on campus class.
I go to class..... with my hair wavy.
Class ends.
I've been wanting a white skirt like this one.....

So I stop at TJMaxx, Old Navy, Goodwill, Body Central, Maurices, then strike white-skirt gold at JCP's.
The hunt is over.
Adam calls and asks if I want to go with him and a group of friends to the see the midnight release of superman.
I still have 4 hours to kill til the movie.
I go to my second starbucks of the day and do home work once more........
I'm hungry.
I'm definitely sneaking McD's into the movie.
1 hour to go

How was your day?

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  1. I don't know why, but this post made me happy! lol. What a fun day! Also, I do the same thing when people knock on the door :)