Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pinterest-y Sick Day

I don't get sick very often but I think
something has gotten me within the last 12 hours.
I slept terribly last night and am feeling worse this morning.

Since I am definitely not feeling very chatty, here are some of my most recent pins (click on the pic to follow the link)

Christmas has crossed my mind. 
These DIY clay ornament are so pretty.

These lovely labels put me in the labeling mood. 
Labeling-always an under-the-weather friendly activity. 
Always. :)

Again, looking a few months ahead, this preppy rustic 
outfit makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

....this is true. 

I'm diggin' the contrast of the light, bright art on the dark wall. 

This is a dish of crockpot chicken chili. 
It's got cream cheese in it. 
Yup. Yum.

Ooooo another dark room. 
Love it.
Especially cause it's navy. 
The navy, cream, and shimmery beiges look classy and cozy. 

And lastly this yummy dish: one pot tomato basil pasta. 
I fell like this is going to happen soon.... 
once I'm a hundred times less queasy. 

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