Thursday, July 25, 2013

The squeeze

Are you tired of hearing about how tired I am of school?
I know I am.

But I'm SOOOO close!
This time next week I will be FINISHED!

Fun stuff.
To that effect I am spending my day here at the Java Haute whittling down my school-todo list.

Some other news lately:
  • We're having a senior day next week for both our graduating and incoming seniors. You can bet there will be a post on that.
  • In the midst of finishing up my semester, I am planning a vintage bride wedding shower for Ally
  • Also, Bryar and Ally have found out that the wedding they were planning for next month won't be possible and will be eloping instead. 
  • They were also told they will be stationed in northern New York state. Whoa. They did not see that location coming. And we will miss them so incredibly much. :( 
  • Adam and I have been discussing moving back into an apartment for simplicity's sake. 
  • If we do, we are not willing to pay the $200+ to have our pet with us so Henry would be going to live with some friends. That makes me kind of sad.

So it's busy times in these parts, but it's all good. 
Life is exciting. 

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