Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Up a tree without a ladder

Guess who got himself stuck up in a tree?

If you guessed Henry, our wee furball, you'd be right.

I've been hoping to make him an indoor/outdoor cat for some time now. Yesterday (Monday) seemed like a good day to start.

It started well. He came when I called and was happy to come in.
Adam let him out that evening, I was away at work, and there was no reason to keep him in.
But when I came home and got out of my car what do you think I heard?
Only the pathetic mews of an over sized baby with claws to climb with.
He was at the top of a sizable tree with no way to get down but his own brains.

It is now Tuesday morning, the poor thing is still stuck, and complaining more than ever.

(by the way, I didn't add any jazzy hazy effects to these pictures. 
It's just that humid out.)

 Adam saw that Henry had come further down the tree so he thought he could climb up to Henry and grab him.
He took a backpack along to carry the "victim" down in. 

Go Adam, go!

And here the little rascal is, safe and sound on the ground. 
Do you think he learned his lesson? 
I doubt it. 

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