Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Really Like Clothes

I said to a friend recently how similar I think July is to February: at about this time in both months I start earnestly looking forward to the opposite weather.

In February I really begin to hope for warm weather; at this time in July I start daydreaming about cooler weather.

I really am starting to daydream.
When it gets this humid and hot the outdoors aren't much fun unless you can get wet.
Add to that this final push I need to finish school and you bet I'm setting my eyes on the cooler, relaxing weather of fall.

Since I'm a girl, or at least a person who still enjoys playing dress up, my mind easily wanders to the wardrobe change that weather change brings.
And with cooler weather comes more layers and tons of cute yet modest options.

Nothing like a couple a' cute outfits to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

I mean sure that top it basically a drapey towel, but it's an awesome one. 
Errands anyone?

Oh and this: I am usually not a chetah-print-type but this....
for some reason I just really like it. 
Maybe it's because she looks relaxed and not glamy-mean 
( I made that up myself)

This is a pretty straight forward outfit. 
It's clean, put together, yet relaxed. 

I think the little bit of tomboy in me is what loves this duo.
Skinnies with sneakers.
Plus Mr. Conner would really like it. 

And finally, another totally approachable simple classic outfit. 
I will have this out...... actually I probably already do. 
Time to go closet shopping! :)
Come on, Autumn!

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