Friday, July 19, 2013

A Unique Summer So Far

Despite the fact that a lot of this summer has been taken up with school, I've still tried to be intentional about including some fun activities.

Starting at the beginning of July, I began meeting with my mother and sister-in-law for coffee in the morning every Wednesday. It's so nice to get up a little earlier than usual, put on a pair of yoga pants and a T, and go enjoy some time with them over coffee. Ally will be getting married and moving away soon so this time has become even more important to me.

Another fun activity lately has been going to watch our church softball team. On those nights, I'll usually skip making much of a meal and we'll just eat sandwiches. Then we'll head over to the softball field, sometimes picking up shaved ice on the way. I love sitting on the bleachers, talking to the other women who have come to watch, and rooting for our team. During every game there's always a player who thinks it's worth sliding for a base or to catch a ball. "It's just church softball! It's not worth the pain!" They'll still slide and scrape up their legs though. And we'll still cheer for them. :)

One other thing that's been unique to this summer are the number of weddings. There are so many! We've gone to two, we have one next weekend, and at least two more in August (including Ally's). It has been so wonderful to see our friends be married and really start their lives together. It's nice to go to someone else's wedding and be reminded all over again of your own. Plus it's refreshing to get dressed up and go out for a (basically free) night with your spouse and friends. Often our family is there too. Everyone tends to know everyone through church.

Despite his casual wear, we are actually at a wedding here

So though this summer has been different from every other summer I've had, it's been productive but also fun..... and it's not even over yet :)

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