Monday, August 5, 2013

A Shower and a Birthday

This past Saturday Ally's maid of honor and I threw an all day bridal shower for her.
I got to do all the fun stuff like decorating and organizing games while Kathleen knocked the food out of the park.

Part I: A traditional shower at our church with complete decor, games, party food, and house gifts

I just think she's super cute

Yay for gifts!
They have nothing so they need everything.

love her

The bride + the party throwers

Ally and Monique, her mamma

 Part II: Ally and close friends head to dinner at Moggers followed by cheese cake bites and a lingerie party at her house.

In addition to all that fun-ness, it was my birthday Sunday.
I am now 23.

My parents bought us lunch and we just spent the day relaxing at home. 
I may have made myself my very own chocolate cake.
..... it was delicious.  

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