Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Doterra for me

I just finished ordering some birthday presents for myself using some money my parents gave me. 
I have an awful time deciding how best to use gift money. 
But finally I decided this was the best way. 

I've talked about doterra here before.
But FYI they're essential oils made from the highest quality sources.
Read about oils here.

What did I order though?
I reordered the starter kit which is made up of these 3 versatile oils. 
When I had them last, I used them in everything from 
my shampoo to cleaning products to drinking water. 

I also ordered a tube of Past Tense. 
I get headaches pretty often and I don't like taking 
tylenol every time one pops up. 
This oil blend is calming and is intended for headaches. 
I thought I'd try it out. 

You can buy all this on the official doterra website, but I found them cheaper on Amazon.
Just a tip :)

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