Thursday, August 22, 2013


It's been a year and 3 months since I had my last studio class.
It was an oil painting class and it was wonderful.
I haven't done a whole lot since.
So now, since I no longer have school assignments taking up my time, I'm making a focused effort to get myself back in shape, creatively speaking.

My mom bought me these water colors last year from Christmas.

Aren't they pretty....

So my plan is to sit myself down every morning and dabble away for a little while. 
Eventually I want to buy a water color workbook to help me.
Like this one

I went ahead and doodled for a bit last night and this morning.

Here's last night's product....
I'm not a fan of my free hand font.
It's a little too wonky. 

I did this floral piece this morning though and I really like it. 
I use primary colors and a few different types of strokes. 

When it comes to making art, I get kind of up tight.
I'm afraid to make mistakes and I'm afraid of turning out a piece that looks stupid.
I think that's why I've never done a show or share my work.
I really want to let all that go.
I want to enjoy it like I did this morning.

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