Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adam is so proud...

It's not very often that I want a new, good pair of sneakers.
I never wear sneakers..... or at least hardly ever.
The pair that I have I've had since I was 15.
That's 8 years..... and they still look ok.

But I really like the look and versatility of New Balance Classics.
Especially these ones....

The navy is my favorite but I'm not a fan of the pink.
I think I could cheat and use a navy sharpee to adjust that.
I'm not cheap. I'm resourceful :)

They'd be perfect for work, running errands, or the occasional volleyball game.

We'll see but Adam loves it when I want new sneakers because he thinks they're the best thing since indoor plumbing.
The man is an avid collector of tennis shoes.... or at least he would be if he could afford to be.
So yea, he's proud of me for wanting sneakers instead of a stupid pair of heels :)

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