Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Coupla Thoughts

Literally, I have only two thoughts right now.

#1. When life is running at a fast pace there's always one recurring event that you seem to just be doing over and over again. For me, right now, strangely enough it's going to bed. The days have just been flying by and every time we start to do our going to bed routine I'm like "didn't I JUST do this?" It's weird. It's that Groundhog Day feeling. Do you get that feeling when life settles into a routine?

#2. I am not always the most thoughtful when it comes to what comes out of my mouth. I tend to have really dry humor that can fall on the jerky side. I can be a jerk but I'm just kidding. But sometimes I'll say something to someone along those lines for whatever reason and later I just kick myself. Why did I say that? That person had the grace to not show the feelings I probably hurt. But why would I SAY that? Then there's a bit of a struggle: should I bring it up again and apologize? Did it even matter to them? Maybe I'm reading into the situation? Or maybe I really hurt his/her feelings and should just humble myself...... I don't know. Either way, insert foot into mouth and hop away in shame.

God definitely has a sense of humor, but it's always edifying.
He enjoys what is good and uplifting.
Even my humor should be becoming more like His.

So that's it.
Any thoughts?
Any times that I have hurt your feelings with my jerkiness?
Please share.

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