Monday, November 11, 2013

Everything has a Home

I spent a big chunk of Saturday going through EVERYTHING in the spare room. 
Keeping a tight grip on my resolve to weed out all the unnecessaries, I went through every bit and tried to decide if it was something I really would use within the next year. 

My best bet was to make piles of similar things and take it all on in small bites.

I know most of this stuff seems totally unnecessary to some people (i.e. my husband) but you never know when you'll finally get the urge to sew all those fabric scraps into a gorgeous quilt. Or finally paint that beautiful water color painting you've been dreaming about.... You just never know when you'll need something: waste not, want not. 

But I was determined to pair down and get organized. 
I wanted every item I kept to have a designated place.... er, a home. :)
Doing all this will make an uncluttered space for guests to feel welcomed in. 

Except for the final key piece (something for comfy sleep), I think I got what I was wanting....

Yay!!!! So much space.
(I may or may not have twirled a time or two.....
or sprawled out spread eagle on the floor.)

Sure we need our futon moved in here....

... but doesn't it look so nice and spacious otherwise?

I only bought the used dresser and 4 window panels.
I had everything else on hand.

Other than a place to sleep, I want to add a cushion 
to the "window bench" (an old ikea TV stand), a side table, and minimalistic 
art to the walls to break up the hectic wall paper. 

I'm REALLY happy with it and am 
looking forward to having fun with the final touches. 

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