Friday, November 8, 2013

2 steps closer to a guest room

I posted last week (click here) that I was getting ready to redo our spare bedroom.

I just really wanted it to be more like a guest room than a gym/craft room/large closet.

It just seemed like we were wasting space with it full of stuff we rarely used.

My first move was to get rid of our space hogging weight bench (with Adam's approval) and my RARELY used treadmill.

The treadmill was a pretty good one so it easily found a new home with some of our friends.
The weight bench went in the yard with a "free" sign on it.

Thankfully it didn't last the day.
Before I knew it, someone came and picked it up.

My next task was finding a dresser big enough to store some of my art supplies and still have space for guests to put their things.
So I tried my luck at our local ReStore and found one!
The drawers slid easily, it was solid wood (no particle board), it needed only a little clean up, would easily take a coat of paint, and it was only $25!
Much better than what I was looking at for new online.

After lugging it home, I cleaned it out really well and took the drawers out. 

It was really helpful to remove the hardware.
The pulls are really dated so I might replace 
them with something way more streamlined.

The paint I chose was Dutchboy's Stonewall Jackson with a semi-gloss finish.
It's just a really light gray

After a light sanding all over, I tackled the thing. 
(I think this picture of the paint is truer to life than the last one)

Here's one coat later with a little more sanding.....

... and then the final coat. 

For the finishing touches, I reinstalled the old handles 
and lined the drawers with some black and 
white wrapping paper I found in a dollar bin at Target.

A whole new dresser cost me:
$15 for paint and supplies
$25 for the actual dresser
$1 for pretty paper
Total: $41!

I'm so super excited to have a welcoming space for anyone who needs one.

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