Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Things 2013

Home is all ready for Christmas. 
I love pulling out decorations and dusting off forgotten trimmings. 

We got another live tree this year.
I almost bought a fake one but I'm glad I didn't. 
We don't have the storage space anyways. 

We got our tree from a friend's farm so I was able to scoop up some extra branches and bits to make live wreaths again this year. 
That is a Christmas favorite of mine. 
I love having a big one on the front door and sprinkling some smaller ones around the house. 
You can see one there in our bedroom window in one of the pictures. 

I also set out a nativity set my sister-in-law made for me and make the chalkboard a little more festive. 

Another Christmas favorite- sending and getting Christmas cards. 
It's just nice to make a moment or be given a moment to think of the people we love and who love us. 

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