Thursday, December 5, 2013

Starting this year's photo book

Every year (starting...ahem...last year) I make a photo book for our little house.

Yea sure, this will only be the second one, but after the one I bought last year, I've been planning for this one all year.
As I would take pictures and upload them to my laptop, I would deposit a copy of pictures I liked into a 2013 Album folder.
This way, I wouldn't be scavenging though all my files, devices, and social media for the pictures I wanted to use.
I could easily scoop up the pics I wanted to incorporate and move on to the design part.

So I could take advantage of the Christmas time discounts, I started working on my photo book today.
Lots of companies offer ways to make a photo book, but I like working with shutterfly.
They have good prices, great discounts, awesome designs, and it's really simple to use.

You can upload photos straight to a story board page.
It makes it easy to create a good flow to your book so things aren't all crazy.
I like to make my book flow according to when things happened. 

Then you can go in and design each page.
There's an option where the site will place all your pics 
automatically, but I haven't had any luck with that.
I just end up going in and redoing it all.

Plus you can change layouts, backgrounds, and add embellishments and text.

The text element is a major reason why I like making a printed photo book.
I used to scrap book and I HATED having all the captions in my messy handwriting.
This way, it's all legible and clean.
Love it.

I need to wait for pictures from Christmas this year, but otherwise, it's ready to print.

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