Monday, December 2, 2013


This weekend was a big weekend for Adam and I.
Definitely for Adam more than me.

Adam graduated high school and went straight into college like many kids without being very sure of what he was going for.
After trying several majors and leading the high schoolers at our church the whole time, the conviction that he was supposed to go into full time ministry rose.
Long story short, Adam enrolled in Liberty University online and after 8 years of trial and error and finally realizing God's will for his life, Adam graduated with his bachelor's degree in biblical studies.
During that whole time he has led the high school students, and taken on leadership in our music and sports ministry.

God has done all this in Adam's life.
And God blessed him this weekend by having Adam officially ordained.
If you're not very familiar with what that is exactly, I think of it like he was "engaged" to ministry and this weekend he finally took his vows (like in a wedding).

The first part of it was a council with deacons, elders, and some men that Adam had chosen for a time of hearing Adam's heart and making sure he was biblically sound.
Then we had a dinner that evening with many of the people that surround us with love and support.
Finally on Sunday, Adam was prayed over and committed to God.

It was a very humbling, encouraging, and beautiful process that just surrounded us with the love of Christ and our church.

Adam has done nothing spectacular.
It's just that God called him and he obeyed.
There is MAJOR blessing in that.
Plus now all Adam's friends can call him Pastor Adam and annoy him :)

All thanks and praise to God.
He loves so overwhelmingly.
It is a joy and an honor to serve Him. 

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