Friday, December 20, 2013

Youth Group Christmas Party 2013

We had our Christmas party for our students last night.
It was so much fun!

Miss Jenny made some great party food 
and others brought some yummy desserts,.....

...... their were cute girls in ugly sweaters,....

.... and a great big scavenger hunt!

They had to take pictures or videos for some of their scavenger finds.
One of the tasks was to get a picture of everyone in the group in a pyramid.

(and spelling CAT with their bodies)

(some more cuties :)

It was so much fun as it always is with all these guys.
Adam collected all of the photos and videos everyone took, and he's going to turn them all into a montage.
There were some hilarious videos & pictures of groups singing silent night, licking poles, climbing trees, and playing leap frog.
So fun.

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