Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cat Teepees

My sister came across an idea to make cat sized teepees.
I know.
How fun is that? :)

So we got together and made a couple for our furry friends.
Sorry for the weird-y pictures.
It was night and the lighting was not great.

First we each drilled small holes into 6 dowel rods.
Then we strung, wrapped, and knotted them up.  

This made the form for our fabrics. 

We cut strips from scrap fabrics and just hot glued them 
to the form starting from the top and winding down.

(Happy mess!)

Nearly finished....

and of course, you have to test it out.

They turned out really well and we had fun.
I think henry has been in his a total of 3 times.....
I guess that's the way it goes :)

I didn't get very detailed in the how-to of it all so if you want to make these (for a kid, for a kid's doll, for a pet) let me know if you have any questions in the comments section. 

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