Friday, January 31, 2014

Desk Re-Redone

I posted here back in June that I repainted a desk of ours.
Well, I've re-redone that desk and you would understand if you took a look at that post.


We all make mistakes and my mistake that day was bad taste.
So I re-attacked the poor thing and made it pretty.
Or at least, prettier.

First step: clear it all out (organize it later)

This desk is a heavy lifter in our house. 
Everything's in here. 

Now for the actual painting...
A coat of primer to cover up this awful black. 
It would have been ok if I had taken more care applying it. 
But I just wanted it done.
It ended up really streaky and got this sandpaper texture in some areas.
Not attractive.

Next: 2 coats of Dutchboy's Stonewall Jackson.
It's a true neutral gray. 
I also painted this dresser in that same color. 

While the final coat was drying, I took the time to get rid of old bits
and organize the essential bits. 


That's better.

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