Tuesday, February 4, 2014

After the 1st class....

We went to our first class to get our foster care license last night.
I have no idea yet what SNAP stands for, what she meant by an invoice, how long it will be til we're "open for business" as I keep saying, or where God will take us with all this.
I left the meeting knowing lots more than I did and lots more confused than I was.

Adam keeps asking that if God wants us to stop any time on this road, to tell/show us.
So far He just keeps shining the light step by little step.
That's encouragement enough for us. :)

Facts: The next step seems to be to complete class #2 (an online course) and have our background checks done.

Emotions: I keep trying to get out ahead of the next step.
There I find myself anxiously forming plots and plans and wringing my hands over things that will most likely never be.
I try to keep a calm, reserved front but let me be honest in saying it's all a front.
I am a worried mess.
At least I am when I try to step ahead of God's next step.

I don't have a song or a verse yet that has helped with the mess I've found myself in these last few days.
Just keep repeating silent prayers that God would hold me close, protect my heart, calm my spirit, refocus my love on Him....

I noticed that when I let myself indulge in reading parenting stuff or pinning kids activities, baby rooms, ways to sooth a teething baby, etc.... I get a little crazier about everything.
I just get so excited and impatient.
So I'm going to try and stay away from that stuff until it's all really happening; try to focus on stuff that's happening in life right now and be content in it.
..... that's the plan anyway ;)

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