Thursday, January 2, 2014

Time to de-Christmasifie

I knew it had to happen and I was totally ready for it.
A whole day had to be set aside though to accomplish it. 
....and now, it's done: de-Christmasifying.

The easy part is taking down all the trimmings around the house. 

It gets a little harder when it comes to the actual tree.

After a month of sparse little to no watering, 
a Christmas tree can get pretty brittle.

I spent a good 45 minutes just taking off 
ornaments, lights, and getting the tree out the door. 
Another 20 minutes spent sweeping and vacuuming left the floors passable.
I'm sure we'll still be finding pine needles here and there til August. 

My super special pirate's trunk 
(any kids who come over love it and 
are fixated on it until I let them open it and see what's inside) 
found it's way to the bare corner. 
I'm thinking of moving my stash of kids toys to it.
Right now ('cause I know you want to know) it stores 
mementos, things from our wedding, old cards and notes, and all manner of sentimental things.

That's it so far.
Moving around so much stuff gets me wanting to purge and re-organize of course.
I think that's natural.
It seems like lots of people are in that mode right now.

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