Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wood Burning

I don't know how my interest was sparked, but sometime a while back I saw some wood burning work and I LOVED it.
It's so simply rustic and straightforward.
There's not a ton of crazy/expensive equipment, detailed steps to follow to make something really special, or a lot of mess to clean up when you're done.

So with some Christmas money Adam's grandparent's gave me, I bought my own wood burning tool

I kept my first project really simple so I could get the hang of it.
I wanted to make one of those ornaments from a slice of this year's christmas tree.

I wrote the year in pencil in a simple font that I could easily trace.

After getting the instrument good and hot, I was ready to set to work.

Not work at all!
So much fun.
It's definitely one of those activities that could count as therapy-
soothing, creative, and gives you a satisfying end product.

With a couple extra doodles and a srtip of fabric to hang from, it's finished!
Wish I had done it sooner.

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  1. Wow.. I really have no idea to say how excited I am to see that you and Adam are starting the foster parent process! What a wonderful thing, we will be praying that God will direct every step of the process and continue to hold your hearts near Him and any and all children that walk through your doors and into your hearts.
    Daniel and I were just talking the other night (after watching commercials for a million different animal rescue groups) what system is in place to help the lost, hurting, and broken children. When I saw your post it just brought tears to my eyes. You and Adam are there! Being used to help do His work and hold His precious children. I know that you both have already touched so many young people's lives, I can't wait to see the great work that He will continue to work through you!