Thursday, March 20, 2014

No-Sew Lampshade Update

So I bought this awesome fabric yesterday to recover a lampshade in our living room.
I loved it so much I bought extra to sprinkle around the house.

For the lampshade project I needed:
My big, plain, beige drum lampshade
the awesome fabric
hot glue gun and glue sicks
tape measure
added later: spray adhesive and yard stick

Step 1: measure shade

With 2in+ for seam allowance, I needed my fabric to be 56 in X 14 in.

Step 2: mark everything out

Remember to measure twice and cut once.
I've learned this many times the hard way and I definitely
 didn't want to waste any of this awesome material. 
I may have measured 3 times...or more..... just to be safe :)

Step 3: Cut your fabric.

I pulled out some spray adhesive to give the fabric some extra support on the drum.
It kept the material from moving while I was working 
and will keep it stable as time goes on.

Step 4: spray your lamp shade. (make sure to take it outside. This stuff is strong.)

Step 5: Wrap your shade up slowly. 
It needs to be lined up right or it'll all start going at an angle. 
Luckily the unset adhesive is strong enough to grip but weak enough to be movable.
Check to see that the fabric is smooth and taut around the whole shade.

Step 6: Pin the seam together so it doesn't move while you work.

Step 7: I found that the best way to make a nice clean "seam" around the inside top and bottom
of the shade was to fold the raw edge in once, 

then in again enough to cover the original shade fabric.
This makes it clean and classy all around :)

Step 8: Use your glue gun to put down a line of glue, pull the fabric taut and smooth, and press down. 
Working in small sections made it easier to keep everything smooth than one big line of glue. 
The glue also held better. 
I did the very same thing along the vertical seam that I pinned earlier.

Step 9: Behold!!
It looks lovely and I love it. 
The fabric all together cost me about $19 and I used maybe a 1/4 of it.
Everything else I had.
Total cost for this update: $4.50ish

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