Thursday, March 6, 2014

South Carolina 2014

We just got back from visiting Adam's brother and 
his family in Beaufort, South Carolina.
We spent a week hanging out and loving on our niece and nephews. 

We spent one day in Charleston. 

First we ate at Hyman's seafood.... soooo yummy. 
It's a tradition whenever we get to go to Charleston. 

Next we took a carriage ride around the city. 
The drivers are historians that give you the dirt on the city and 
the crazy stories behind all the different landmarks.

We rode in a carriage just like this. 

There are some huge, gorgeous historically rich houses mansions there. 

On Sunday, we all went to church. 
Then we spent the afternoon in downtown Beaufort. 
It was probably the best day weather wise and 
was wonderful considering what we're used to. 
First we got lunch at Plum's, walked along the water side and 
swung on the bench swings, visted some shops, enjoyed some ice cream, 
and drove around goggling the big old houses in the town. 
Beaufort has historical carriage rides like Charleston but we didn't take one this time. 

Of course there was plenty of hanging out and cuddling and games. 

Once the kids went to bed it was so much fun sitting up late, drinking coffee, and talking til we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore.

On our way home, Adam and I stopped over night in Cincinnati, OH and made a visit to Ikea.
I'm pretty sure they want you to think this but seriously- I could live there.
I love Ikea.
But we went with purpose and picked out a crib for our foster kid(s).
We bought Ikea's Sniglar crib (Adam thought the name was funny).

It's simple, natural, convertible 
(can be set 3 different ways, including as a toddler bed) 
and at $70 an Ikea stop HAD to happen :)
I can't wait to get it set up and situated.

Now we're happy to be home and feeling refreshed.
We already miss those little Conners and Rachel & Anson. 

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