Monday, April 14, 2014

Foster update: Home visit

I guess technically it's called a home inspection, but it didn't feel like that at all.
Our foster specialist is so sweet and friendly, there was no discomfort in showing her around and answering any questions she had about our place.

It was a really encouraging and validating time.
We seem to be doing everything well and at a quick pace.
There're just a few things that we need to cross of our list to get our license now.

Our specialist actually said she wishes she could just put kids with us today!
Honestly, that felt really good to hear.

I am emotionally tired from all the prep and kind of done now.
I think a nap is in order. :)

Also, God is awesome and I am overwhelmed by is kindness and love towards me.
I do not ever deserve it.
I am nothing yet He has made me someone in Him.
He is in my life, being just as perfect and merciful as He really truly is.

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