Monday, April 28, 2014

Life Too Seriously

I am very prone to take life maybe a little too seriously.
Especially when it gets busy and the busy-ness doesn't ever look like it's gonna end.

It makes me panicky and impatient and cry-y.
A lot of cry-y.

Things get confusing.
Things that aren't that big of a deal become very big deals.
Other things that are bigger deals get minimized.

And also I ramble on my blog.
But I trust that if you are a woman reading this blog, you understand.
If I'm lucky, you even sympathize.

So yes, things are like this lately and I am taking it all too seriously.
All these busy times will pass, emotions will settle, and the tears will stop their flow.

Maybe I'll even learn a little better how to go with the flow and trust that God will bring rest and peace when it's time.

Until then I pray for fun, joy, and self control when I have no control over the things around me. :)

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