Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Funny Bunny

I set to work making a fun bunny for our toy collection.
I created it from start to finish, using materials I had on hand, and hand stitching all of it. 

I'll show you how I did it.....
First I sketched out my favorite softie idea.
I love the look of long clumsy arms and legs. 
A bunny just seemed like a sweet kind of friend: a cuddle bunny.

Next I sketched out which pieces I would need and how many of each. 

Then I drew life size patterns of each of those pieces onto plain white paper
(I also use this paper to wrap gifts with. 
I think I got it at Hobby lobby for $10 for a really long roll)

Like I said, I only used materials I already had on hand including stuffing.
My materials included an old pillow (stuffing), some unused flannel pj pants, 
and printed fabric left over from other projects. 

After cutting out my pattern, I traced and cut out each piece of material. 

After each pieces was cut, I pinned and hand sewed the appropriate pieces together stuffing them with fluff as I went. 

First the arms, then the legs, then the ears. I stitched the body together and added each extremity as I came to the right place. 

And here he is! Or she? I'm not terribly sure. 
I think a he :)

I embroidered a mouth and sewed on a couple blue buttons for eyes. 
One other special feature this bunny has is his arms. 
I filled them with dried rice so they would have a nice weight. 
Good for hugging :)

I really enjoy doing these types of projects.
They are simple, creative, and help me use up leftover materials I have around.
But I have a hard time making all these fun things and just letting them hang around, collecting dust.
The same goes for all the art work I've created over the years.
Let it sit around/collect dust, get rid of it, ....... or maybe sell it and make it useful else where?

This is where I'm landing.
I've had the desire to sell some of my created things------ just not much of a drive.
I feel it building though.
So I'll keep you posted on how you might buy some of my things and where. :)

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  1. Kensie, you have such a creative and beautiful heart! I love your little bunny and seeing what art you come up with, it inspires me also! I also understand how hard waiting can be.... but art seems to be your outlet, I hope you keep creating! And sharing with the rest of us :)