Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday and Mama's Day

Today has been a good day.
Not extraordinary, just good.

It began with a good long sleep-in this morning with my man
Then we went out to run some errands and get lunch together.

Following that he dropped me off at home so he could go walk a round of golf on his own.
That is his favorite thing I think.
Other than Jesus. And me of course ;)

I spent the afternoon managing clothing.
You know: the washing, the drying, the folding, the putting away, hanging up, pulling out what needs to go......
Clothing takes so much upkeep.

Then my sisters, older nieces, and I wen out with my mom for mother's day.
We caught a movie (God's Not Dead, really good :) and got dinner at Olive Garden.
It kind of ended on a rough note between me and my older sister (we have very different ideas on certain things).
But it was still a good night.

I love my mom.
She is a very tender loving person who loves Jesus and always pointed me to Him.
Is there anything better that a mom can do for their kids?
Let me answer that: no.

I hope she had fun and felt loved tonight.

What are you doing to tell your mom you love her?
Or what do your kids do to tell you they love YOU?

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