Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Nursery

Gosh. Such a bold title: THE NURSERY muhahaa.


 Just kidding.
But maybe that shows my weirdness about calling it The Nursery.
Adam and I just call it the front room.

Anyhooooo, back to it: the nursery/front room.

I think it's done.
And I want to share it with my blog.

We bought this print (ink on handmade paper) on our honeymoon.
I had stored it in this frame behind some 
other pictures and totally forgotten about it!
I was so excited when I found it. 
It is absolutely perfect for this room. 

Above the crib we've got some art and a video monitor. 

This is just 4 post cards I found and framed together. 
There is some text here and there that I think is Swedish.
They definitely fit the vibe of this room.  

This round pillow cow ball is from Walmart. 
It wasn't on sale or anything but it was just so squishy and cute I had to buy it. 
I think some touches of black and white around here help. 

Next to the bedroom door I hung a rail of hooks for the diaper bag 
(just a tote bag from Old Navy I picked up a few years ago) 
and whatever paraphernalia our kid(s) needs to have at reach. 

This is my awesome black wicker rocking chair. 
It's true. I'm pretty proud of it. 
I found it at a Goodwill a month our so ago for $15!
I was so excited. 
Every other rocking chair I'd seen in stores were way out of our budget. 
All I did to change it was tuck some fabric around the 
bottom cushion and add a bed pillow to the back for ultimate comfiness.
Bring on the sleepless nights!
(ha I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Chill out, mamas. I know it's still gonna suck :)

My sister-in-law Ally knitted me that beautiful thick mauve blanket. 
So thankful to her for that. 
Those take a long time. 

And of course I've got a teeny stack of books I've started to collect.
They must be:
-a good story that honors God (or at least doesn't dishonor Him)
-have good pictures
- I have to enjoy it (because when a kid wants you to read the same story over and over a hundred times, it makes it easier when you like the story too.

So yea that about it.

People in our life (especially church and family) have been so thoughtful and generous.
We've received cards, gift cards, baby gear, clothes, blankets, love and prayers galore!
I know of at least 15 people I can ask if we need any unforeseen baby items like a bathtub, shoes, toddler bed, babysitter......

All this love goes a long, long way in helping us feel confident in the Lord and that this is His way for our home.
Ultimately He is enough, but all this see-able stuff helps :)

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