Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Waiting on the Edge

I made it back from South Carolina.
It was a nice trip to see some missed loved ones and get my mind off things here at home.

Not that there's anything here I want to forget, but we are right on the edge of fostering.
I am getting impatient! :)

We've finished everything for our license and are just waiting for it to be issued and for our phone to ring.
It's very exciting and we're just ready for the ride to start.

I spent today knocking out some projects to make life easier, cozier, and prettier once our little one(s) get here.

My first project was recovering a baby bounce seat that was given to me.
It was all pink and not my taste at all.

But it was perfectly fine so I simply made a stretchy cover for it.

Then I turned the leftover fabric into a fleece blanket with some mustard yellow crocheted edging.

My last project was sewing in elastic around the inside perimeter of my tote bag turned diaper bag so I can keep things tidy in there.

All these projects keep me busy but just make me want a little person around here more.
I hope I can stay patient (and not drive my husband nuts) and just continue to wait on God's timing.
It's been so perfect so far-no reason to rush Him now. 

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