Monday, June 30, 2014

Our Fifth Anniversary

Friday was our 5th anniversary! :)
So we leapt at the opportunity to get
away for a bit and get some time being just us.
Sweetums spent a couple nights with some friends.

Friday morning we headed to St Louis.

We split a pan of cinnamon rolls (yummers) on the way.
Cinnamon rolls just say celebration to me so I pretty much make them 
any morning thats a good time to celebrate. 
Wish I could say they were from scratch, but that's just not true.
Cinnabon tube from the store, man. 

Our first stop of the day was St. Louis' awesome zoo. 
It's free and it's beautiful. 

Butterfly house

Elephant enclosure... they had a few babies but I couldn't get any good shots. 

We got to our car right before the skies opened up and headed to our hotel to check in and clean up.

Dinner was as casual as it gets: pizza at Imo's. So good.
We both finished our whole pizzas

Then... then we went to the most awesome place ever!
The City Museum.

I can't even describe this place.

It's just like this giant indoor/outdoor playground place for ALL ages. 
Kids and adults.
It's located in this huge old ware house that an artist bought.
Since then he and other artists just go creative crazy.
If these pictures are too vague go check out the website.

We had a really good time.
It's just so nice to get away and play and forget about the cares of normal life. 
Good stuff.

Happy 5 years, Adam. 
They've been the best. 

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  1. Happy 5 year anniversary! What a milestone! As always, I love reading updates and getting a peak into your life, even if I don't always have time to comment on everything. :)
    How have I never heard of this city museum?! My entire family LOVES St. Louis and always keeps me updated on the happenings around there. I will have to tell them about this magical place!