Friday, July 4, 2014


Life has been pretty fast paced recently (let's be honest? When hasn't it?).
When it feels this fast though I start feeling tired easily, getting overwhelmed.
Because of that growing fatigue, our surroundings at home start to deteriorate.

The bed goes unmade a couple of days in a row, the laundry that was folded on Monday is still sitting in its basket getting shuffled around as we need something in it, crud on the counter tops and under the table accumulates, the paper trail on the desk starts to overflow, and things just generally don't get done.

Agh. This stresses me.
It stresses me not because I'm a perfectionist but because I know how pleasant it is to live in a tidy home.
I want my house to be that tidy home but I have not the energy to get it to that point at the moment.
That just makes me feel even tired-er to think of getting my home back on track.

So I'm preparing for a ketchup/catchup day for tomorrow.
Not this moment, but tomorrow.
Though I'm looking an awful lot like a couch potato right this second, I'm actually soaking up all the motivating tips and tricks for fabulous homemaking Pinterest has to offer.

Some I plan on making work for me tomorrow....

  • make the bed as soon as we are both out of it
  • setting the timer and working for 30 minute intervals (and playing/snacking/napping with sweetums in between)
  • with a basket in hand, I'll sweep the house for misplaced items or clutter. Anything that needs thrown out or stored somewhere else will go into the basket for easy transport to the right spot.
  • pick a focus: the kitchen will be getting some focused attention fo' sho'
And that's enough for one day I think.
Nothing earth shaking or unheard of.
Just your basic good reminders; small chunks taken one bite at a time.
I hope a day of being focused on home brings some peace and clarity.

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