Thursday, August 28, 2014

Around Here

It's funny how home changes.
Every house has a day when someone moves in with all their junk.
You place your junk exactly where you think you want it.
But over time, that house has to evolve and adapt to the people who live there.
You find a fun little chotchkie at a flea market, gifts are placed here and there from many Christmases and birthdays, a new member of the family joins the house and then maybe another and another....

I like thinking about how our home has had to change in the four short years we've lived here.
Someday we'll leave and pack up all our junk and someone else will place all their junk just so and it'll all begin again.

For today though, here's what our junk looks like.

Lunch + laptop

A birthday present: old metal Uhaul signage

Little purple blueberries= little purple fingers.

Comfortable mess

Audio books from the library: Mary Poppins and the 1st of the Little House series 

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  1. I just like this post. Cool, calm, collected, unique, and comfortable. That is your house!