Monday, September 1, 2014

Holiday Weekend

Happy Labor Day!!!!!

..... or something.....

Do people really do much for labor day other than get the day off from work and sleep in?
I dunno.
But we took advantage of the holiday weekend to go out of town with my side of the family for some fun.

Saturday we went to Holiday World.
They have lots of the usual rides and roller coasters but they also have a great water park.

That's where we spent most of our day.
It was fun and sweetums was totally into it.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a pretty rainy day.
And not a warm rain.
We could have made that work.
It was a windy, chilly rain that just made you want to curl up in a warm, dry blanket.
The rain made it pretty pointless to change into dry clothes while still at the park because we got soaked getting to our cars.

Ha also I cannot go without saying- don't take Adam too seriously in that picture
The guy needed some sunglasses and those were literally the only "manly" ones left.
He played up the attitude from there on out...... in addition to just hating getting his picture taken.  

We left the park earlier than we planned to and headed to our hotel to clean up.

The next day, we visited Merango cave.

 My parents had brought me and my sister there when we were younger.
It was so fun to return with my husband and sweetums.
She did great in there by the way.
Totally chill and made it really enjoyable.

I wish I had more pictures to share.
But since I can't share any with sweetums' face in them for privacy's sake, I'm pretty limited.
It was a great outing though and nice to spend time with my family.

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