Thursday, August 21, 2014

Camp Cravings

Growing up, my parents brought me and my younger sister camping a lot.
We had an old camper with bunk beds.
Mom kept it stocked with the essentials so when my dad said the word, we could pack up the food and clothes we needed and be off when he get home from work.

I remember getting to camp sites and mom would spot dad while he was backed the camper in.
It didn't seem to take much time to have camp set up and all of us set on taking a walk, bike ride, or the s'more stuff set up.

Sometimes we would go with family friends.
I loved that.
The kids would gang up and figure out the land while the adults figured out dinner or planned the day.

Since we've been married, Adam and I have made it out to camp (in a tent) at least once a year.

The first time we went was for my first married birthday.
We camped and kayaked at a park nearby called Turkey Run.

A couple of years ago we tried to go camping and actually made it one night.
To be honest though, it was a total wash out.
It poured while we set up, while we made dinner, while we slept, and while we threw everything in the Blazer and hightailed it home soaking wet.
But it is still a really good memory because it was just novel!
Sure we were stuck in a tent while it poured outside but we were together.
We talked about school, the youth group, each other, how we were going to pursue having a family.....
It was good.  

So with all of these awesome memories of camping I'm really starting to hanker to get out there again.
Now that we have a little one, though there's a little bit of skepticism, I still want to try it.
Even if all we have is a tent, when we eventually have our forever kids, I really want them to have those simple camping memories.

I may have to do some sweet talking to the man (he's only a camper because he loves me:) but who knows.
Until then I'll do some day dreaming though pinterest finds.....

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  1. Hey! The first time Daniel and I went camping together was for my married birthday as well! And we also kayaked! Very cool :) We are looking forward to going out again hopefully soon! Whenever it starts to cool down that is :)