Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Saturday

Actually nothing was really very summery about this Saturday.
This Saturday.... which happens to still be this very day..... was actually pretty not much of anything.
We all woke up at about the same-ish time to a rainy morning, each got what we wanted for breakfast, and sat down in front of the tv..................all day.

No joke.

Gross right?

I mean I guess we did still go through the baby's eating and napping routine.
I took a bath during one of her naps.
We got up for retrieving many multiple snacks.

At about 4 pm I needed a break..... from doing nothing..... and went to go do something.
I left baby and husband at home, headed for the library for a few books on my list, then went by Java Haute.

But other than that ..... yea... wow.

Do we need days like this?
Need seems to be a strong word, but now that it's over it sure does make me feel ready for some activity.
I think I could say that Adam needs days like today.
He is a busy son-of-a-gun so I can really appreciate it when the guy can just be here, on my couch, for a whole day.
And I can be right there next to him.

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