Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Babyland

Sweetums is getting bigger! Funny how that happens
Here are some updates from babyland....

  • Her hair is long enough for little ponytails/pigtails. If I put clips in though, Adam secretly takes them out. He doesn't like them. hahaa
  • She can get onto and off the couch all by herself
  • Naptimes are apparently evolving. After several days of terrible nap time episodes, I think I'm slowly catching on that maybe she's ready for one nap a day rather than 2. :) Let's hope that ends our naptime wars. 
  • I'm also working on getting her to sleep at night more consistently. Not so much sleeping through the night as much as when she wakes up. In the last week we've had wake up calls anywhere from 5:30 to 8:30. Oy. I try to be flexible but I'm trying to get her to be a little more consistent. 7:30 is my goal. My main strategy for this is setting my own alarm for 7:30 and not getting her up at any time before that. I do all I can when I put her to bed to help her stay as comfy as possible so she can last til then. Otherwise, that's all folks. 
  • She's eating really well. I've learned enough so that pretty much anything I offer she'll eat. That's nice. We're working on self feeding. She'll feed herself clean/dry things but if they're squishy or moist she just swats them off her tray.

For sure there are many times when I'm like whaaaaaaa? 
I've had to learn SOOOOOO much so fast. 
But for the most part, I''m really loving this new life.
I love her. 
She seems to know that and is loving back. 
She connects well with her mommy and is loving to her also. 

It's just  good. 
Challenging for sure but very good. 

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