Monday, August 11, 2014

Welcome Wood Burning Project

Who knows how long ago, but quite some time ago I pinned this pin on pinterest.....

Around the time I pinned this I had just bought a nifty wood burning tool and knew it would be perfect for something like this.

So this aftrenoon with a little round of wood (which I BOUGHT because a certain someone never got around to meeting my every wish :), some font + style inspiration, and my burning tool I set to work.

First I found some inspiration in these two pics....

I love this little flora motif...

.. and this font was perfect!

I drilled a hole at the top of my wood round so 
later I could hang it with a piece of ribbon on our front door. 

In pencil I free handed my "Welcome" and flora

The last step was using my burning tool to burn the drawing into the wood. 
I was a little rusty with it so there are plenty of artistic "mistakes".

And there she be.

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