Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Ma Birthday!!!!

Yup, I'm the big 2-4.
Though Adam actually left today for another camp, we celebrated together and with friends this past weekend.
Tonight I'll get to celebrate with my niece who's birthday was the 1st.

This past year has just been a really awesome year.
I graduated on my 23rd birthday, enjoyed my first school-free year since I was 4, felt God's lead to start fostering, saw my husband become ordained, got both our fostering license and little sweetums the same day, and saw a whole group of high school girls who we have heavily invested in graduate!

It has been a very rewarding year.
I'm excited to see what God's been working on in me for this year.

I am a very blessed and loved woman.
I hope He continues to work out the goodness He's poured into me out to those He puts in my path.
Does that make sense? :)
If I get to live another year, I hope that's what happens. :)

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  1. Have a happy and wonderful birthday dear Kensie! What an amazing God filled year, you have been so very blessed! <3