Saturday, August 2, 2014

Checking In

I did not mean to go this long without a post.

Life's busy-ness strikes again I guess.
And that's just what has been going on.
A whirlwind of the same ol', same ol': naptimes, laundry, youth group, movie nights, make a meal, eat a meal, clean up a meal, church, visits,....

Some things I've been focused on lately....:

The Duggars

After dealing with some mommy-ing frustrations, I thought who lives out better how to be loving, patient, intentional parents than the ones who have nearly 2 dozen kids?!
So I checked out their books from the library.
They're just so cool.
They're real people who just live out their convictions.
I love their parenting style.
It's simple, humble, loving, consistent, and honors God.
I just want some of that :)

Also, yogurt. Not just any yogurt, HOMEMADE, so super simple, yogurt.
Here's the link to the recipe I've been using....

I've made 3 batches.
The first one I didn't heat to a high enough temperature so it never really became very firm.
The last two have been spot on!
So good.
I usually add some honey or agave and vanilla.
A simple, yummy, CHEAP snack

Lastly, I've been shopping for some new sheets!
One of those things that I just love is bedding: duvets, sheets, blankets, pillows......
It just feels so good to have really nice, clean bedding.

I found my newest set at Target....

$30 for a queen size set. 
Not bad :)

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