Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tough Stuff

Sooooo...... today has been a rough one.
Mothering and various other life bits were just rough.
and it started last night..... which made it even rougher.

The little one keeps screaming, you feel your patience slipping away with the hours supposed to be spent sleeping, you feel generally like an ignorant weakling, and the feelings of guilt and failure settle down into your gut.

...... plus those other pesky life issues that happen to happen at about the same time.

Thanks be to God, He knew what I needed and put it on a friend's heart to text me.
I grabbed at her invitation to talk like a life raft and headed over for a good cry fest.
Actually I told myself I wasn't going to cry but...... you know what?
I did.
And we talked real life stuff.
And we both felt a lot better.

So yea.
Moms, wives, car owners, and anyone else who is alive.....
hang in there.

Ask God for what you need, yell at your washing machine, accept a friend's hand, do what you need to do to get through this day so you can get on to enjoying a new one.

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