Monday, July 21, 2014

Urban Serve 2014

Last week we headed south to take our high school girls on a short term mission camp trip.
We were in Atlanta with around a 1000 other students working to shine Christ's light in that city.

The girls got to work with few organizations and 1 ministry.
They helped landscape at a park and a middle school, pack boxes for a food pantry, and organize at a medical supply source for needy medical centers around the world.

We had  nine girls and five adults go.
I can't tell you how blown away and blessed we leaders were by each of them.
Each girl was truly there to share the love of Christ and to know Him better through serving Him.
They loved each other and together worshiped God all day long everyday through their work.
It was just an awesome thing to be a part of.

On the bus: everyone was always playing with everyone else's hair!
That's what comes of having so many girls together for a whole week.

Five of the girls who went with us are graduating and leaving our youth group.
So sad!!!!!
Adam and I are so attached to them and it's so hard to let them move on.
But of course they'll still be around and we can't wait to watch as God uses each of them for His own purposes. 

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