Friday, September 12, 2014

Cloudy with a High of 65

A weather post.
How boring right?

But not really.
Not if you've been waiting for the season to change and the cozy things to come out.

Today the high was 65 degrees.
It was also overcast and somewhat dreary.

But it was so nice and cool I only opened our front window halfway....

Sweetums and I wore comfy clothes all day and spent a good part of it hanging out and cooking.
It's just a nice change.

In the evening the three of us went to visit a girl who had been in our youth group.
She'd just given birth to a little baby girl named Aria.
It was so good to see them both.
Thanking God for the visit.

So I hope the cozy weather (Adam would say the awful, terrible, no good weather) keeps it up.

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