Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fun Graphic

I came across this sweet map (you like what I did there?) of the United States and each state's dessert.

Click here to see the whole article....

No state was assigned apple pie or chocolate chip cookies because of course those are just too universal..... or national? whatever.

Apparently the state dessert of Indiana is sugar cream pie or Hoosier cream pie.
I guess I'm familiar with cream pie but I've never heard it called sugar cream it the same thing?
Also I don't think I've ever had it.

After questioning Google on this matter, turns out that a sugar cream pie truly is just a cream pie with the flavor of...... you guessed it: sugar. :)

Click here to see a complete Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie recipe.
I think something more like apple crisp or some sort of cobbler would suit Indiana better

I tried to read through the list of all 50 states and their desserts but it made my mouth water insanely.
What's your state's dessert and do you agree?

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