Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things Lately

Nothing terribly noteworthy has really happened lately but as this is a place to record our life as we live it here are some somewhat noteworthy happenings.....

  • Last Saturday I went to my first yoga class. I've been doing yoga on my own on and off for several years and have gotten more serious about it this year. I finished this 30 day challenge back in January/February. The class I went to was awesome! I can't wait to go again and make it a weekly thing. I've never been a mover and a shaker but I can bend, breath, and move through painstakingly slow poses for, like, forever an hour. :)

  • Wednesday night we brought the high school students to see two of our girls play in the local high school soccer game between our two biggest town rival high schools. Sweetums tagged along for a chilly, late night. She did well and our girls' team won. It was a fun evening.
And that's it!

But life is interesting. 
Monday I shared that there were some pretty big feelings being felt, and that's still true. 
It's wonderful though how God uses all kinds of big feelings to even us out and give us hope to keep on keeping on. 
He knows all. 
He knows what the future holds and all the little stitches that have to happen to bring it about. 
I'm glad He's keeping me along for the ride. 
It's crazy but I wouldn't miss it. 

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