Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ladies Bible Study

Our church has always (as long as I can think of) had a really vibrant women's ministry.
I can't say there's really a specific leader for it at the moment, but God seems to always provide opportunities for growth, support, and fun through this ministry.

Every spring and fall there is a bible study that revs up.
For this fall, we just started a new study called Children of the Day presented by Beth Moore.
Adam's mom, Monique is kind of leading it, leading us through the morning session group time.

We're really only beginning week 3, but it has just been so awesome so far.
A huge part of that is the material and the speaking done by Beth.
But what has been really awesome for me and always has been is the community that is created by people (women in this case) getting together and seeking to be challenged by the Lord.
And hopefully challenging each other.

I need that.

I need to see real life women who may get it wrong lots of the time but still be there to be like, "God is here, He is real, and He wants to use you if you'd let Him."
And I want to be that for those who come after me.

I've heard lots of people have issues with the church (which usually boil down to about one person they had a run in with) and say that they don't really need it.
They can find God on their own.

I'm not a pastor.
I'm not going to be able to spread it all out for you.
But I know from extended experience how essential these other redeemed sinners are to my walk.
I need them.
I need Jesus first and then I need His body a.k.a the church.

All I mean is that right now, at this moment in my life, I am thankful for the women God has raised ahead of me and the line of women I get to be a part of.
I'm thankful for those Titus 2 women who have taught me how to love my husband and are teaching me how to love the children God brings to us.

I'm just a thankful soul :)

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